Another Windy Day

chasing a life in the high desert

Rides on Hooves and Wheels

Another busy week, but Zeke and I managed to get a few rides in. Right now it’s a lot of the same – we’re working on giving to pressure, both from legs and hands. We’re getting use to riding with others in the arena. And we’re pushing through those times when Zeke thinks he should be done, or he’s bored, or he just doesn’t wanna! He’s learning that he still has to behave and pay attention, even if there’s nothing exciting going on. I will say his canter is amazing – soft and smooth and steady. Love it!

The only extra thing we did this week was after our Tuesday night ride. Cindy had the trailer there because she had taken her horse Rick to the vet’s earlier, so after our ride I walked Zeke up on it, as I’m prone to do anytime I see a stray trailer. He loads perfectly – but this time I shut him in, and Cindy let me take him for a ride around the block! Fun for both of us because I don’t have much experience driving a rig, and Zeke has never ridden in a trailer other than being rounded up and run onto one!

We both did very well. I didn’t hit the curbs, and Zeke rode very quietly. When I went to get him off I could feel some tension – he was just about shaking, but that’s to be expected. He backed out like a gentleman and seemed no worse for wear. 

Looking forward to more saddle time this coming week!


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