Another Windy Day

chasing a life in the high desert

A Nice Day

Today was a really nice day. Earlier in the week, since my last weekend, we had everything from high heat to strong winds, but the last 2 days have been perfect, and Zeke and I finally got to take advantage.

Due to some changes in my work schedule and feeding schedule, I wasn’t able to ride at all this week, until Friday. For the first time since we started riding, Zeke had 7 days in a row just hanging out in his stall doing nothing. I know he’s smart, but I wondered if he’d forget all the good we accomplished on our last ride.

I shouldn’t have worried. I gave him a short turnout, then we saddled up and did a short lunge, then off we went. Not only did Zeke not forget, he actually improved in his responses! It was almost as though we both forgot to be awkward with our riding and just went out and did it. And today, Saturday, was even better! Today I rode for a short time in the wood arena alone, then Vickie came in to ride Slim with us. Zeke alternated between working and just being a chair while I worked with Vickie, and we had a great ride.

After the arena, we all took a few laps around the pens. I think a short trail ride is in order very soon! All in all, I spent just under two hours on Zeke’s back today – the longest he’s ever been out at one time. He did great, and I’m extremely thrilled with my boy!


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