Another Windy Day

chasing a life in the high desert

Back To The Future

Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to go backwards to the last thing you did really well, get solid again, and move on. Of course, that advice was for me this week, not for Zeke! Zeke kept on doing what he does, but because I I wasn’t effective at really applying my aids to correct him, we went back to the last place I felt really solid – the small roundpen.

So we worked in there for a day, with me remembering to use my legs and spurs when Zeke was just blowing me off. Allowing him to ignore my leg because I simply didn’t want to pop him one led to him doing it more and more – of course! So in the small roundpen, I popped him with the spur when he needed it. And because he responded without jumping out of his skin, it gave me confidence to move on.

So we made it through my weekend with some good progress – by today, Thursday, we were riding in the wood arena with confidence. Zeke is using the entire arena, from the rails to the center, and behaving nicely. Our canter has improved so that I don’t have to keep clucking and kicking to make it around – he needs a little reminder in the corner but otherwise he goes forward. We started a little leg yield work today, now that he’s moving off my leg without so much effort.

It’s funny how it didn’t take much to go either way. It only took a ride or two of me being whimpy for him to take advantage, and it only took two rides to convince him that there are consequences to not responding when I ask for something. Hopefully we are back on track now for next week!

After today’s work, Zeke got turned out with Frisk, and they were terribly boring. So we added Wyatt to the party, to kick up a little dust!




There’s a full set of these fun photos on my Flickr page, at


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