Another Windy Day

chasing a life in the high desert

Wildlife (or Wild life!)

Tonight after work I turned Zeke out in the wood arena for the first time. He had a great time, finally getting to take off and do what he wanted. He ran quite a bit, sniffed horse poop a lot, and chewed on the wooden cavalettis until I made him move on. I have still never seen him actually roll – he lays down in his pen, but I don’t know if he gets the idea of rolling yet. But he did have a good time.




On my way home, I got really lucky. There’s a house on one of the corners near where I live that’s empty. It used to have someone living in it, there was always a bunch of junk in the yard and they had one of those big metal storage containers sitting on a cement pad. Then one day a couple years ago, it was all gone – the people, the mess, and the container. Just the house and cement pad left. A couple days after it emptied out, I was driving past and saw what I thought was a horrible thing – it looked as though the people had left their little dogs behind! I saw what I thought were chihuahuas on the cement pad, so I stopped to get a better look.

It was a kit fox! A kit fox, and her babies, hanging out in the evening light on the cement. I watched a minute and saw them disappear underneath the pad eventually. It was adorable.

I saw them in the early mornings and evenings after that day, until about the middle of summer. Once I drove by at night, and saw the little eyes reflected back that told me they were venturing further from home. Then one day they were gone.

Last spring, they returned. Mom and a new litter – I checked for them every time I went by, wishing I had a camera with a decent zoom. Well – this year I got one! As I drove home tonight, I peeked into the yard, and there they were, what looked like an adult pair. So I drove to the stop sign on the corner, stopped, and got out my camera. Then I cruised slowly around the corner on the shoulder of the road, the passenger window rolled down. Luckily no one else was around – I didn’t want to be a traffic hazard but mainly I always double-check for people before I linger in front of them. I don’t want people who would mess with them to see them there.

It turns out the whole family was out – mom, dad, and three babies! I never even saw the third one until I downloaded my pictures, and the second one was mainly a pair of ears. Anyhow, see for yourself:



If you’d like to see them larger, check out my Flickr site. Here’s the link to the foxes [ ], but I have tons of pictures there, from the zoo where I work to other animal and horse photos. Of course, there’s a bunch more of Zeke’s turnout too! [ ].


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